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Gülşah Merve Kılınç 

Assistant Professor @ the Dept of Bioinformatics

Gülşah graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Biology and received her PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Bilkent University. She worked as postdoctoral researcher at CompEvo Lab at the Department of Biology at Middle East Technical University. She continued her postdoctoral studies at Stockholm University at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies. During her postdoctoral studies, she also worked as visiting researcher at Uppsala University at Mattias Jakobsson's Laboratory with an EMBO fellowship. Her research focuses on analysing ancient genome sequences from different time periods to understand past population history and evolutionary processes. 


Şevval Aktürk

PhD Student

Şevval is PhD student. She is interested in ancient human genetics. She graduated from the Dept of Molecular Biology and Genetics and received her MSc at the same department on the topic of biological kinship between anci


Hande Çubukçu

MSc Student

Hande is interested in ancient genomics, 
population genetics and neurolinguistics research.
She has some experience in archaeological excavation and 
physical examination of human remains. She likes learning
languages, visiting museums and exhibitions, and traveling.   

Hande has a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from
Bilkent University. She is currently a master student in our group and funded by our Tubitak 3501 Grant.

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Dila Nur Çakal

MSc Student

Dila has started as MSc student in October 2023. She is interested in generating in silico models using forward-time simulation approaches.

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İdil Taç

MSc Student

İdil graduated from Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at İstanbul Kültür University in 2020. She is currently a master student at the Department of Bioinformatics at Hacettepe University. She is interested in generating synthetic population models to study evolution of complex diseases. She is funded by Tubitak 2210 program as well as by our Tubitak 3501 Grant.

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